10 famous gourmet foods you want to eat in “Shizuoka”!There are also delicious shops taught by local writers

Up of eel kabayaki
Speaking of Shizuoka, eel! Speaking of eels, Shizuoka! It’s a specialty gourmet that represents Shizuoka. Shizuoka, which is located between Tokyo and Osaka, has a mixture of Kanto-style and Kansai-style shops, and you can enjoy both. There are well-known stores throughout the prefecture, but if you are a Shizuoka citizen, there are 3 recommended eel restaurants that you can answer immediately when asked “What do you recommend?”

Recommended shop “Shibuki”

Collective cuts of eel hitsumabushi, liver sucking, condiments, etc.

Photo by Shibuki

Shibuki is a long-established eel specialty store located on Kanzanji-monzen-dori, Hamamatsu City. It is a popular shop that is inevitably lined up on holidays. The skin is crispy and fragrant, and the flesh is soft and fluffy. Flow. We recommend the Hitsumabushi (4,600 yen including tax), where you can enjoy a variety of flavors with condiments and kelp soup stock. What a condiment, umeboshi is NG! Please check with your own tongue the surprising compatibility between eel and pickled plums.
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2. The tune and the flavor that goes through your nose are refreshing! “wasabi”

It looks like wasabi is being grated
Shizuoka Prefecture is the largest producer of wasabi in Japan. It accounts for more than 70% of the whole country. The main production areas are Shizuoka, Izu, and Kitajun areas. Among them, Utogi in Aoi Ward, Shizuoka City is said to be the birthplace of wasabi, and clear streams nurture wasabi fields. At restaurants in Shizuoka, sashimi and soba are often served with raw wasabi, which is a delicious dish that can take the lead role.

Recommended store “Utsurogi”

A set cut of dishes such as wasabi rice, soba, and tempura

Photo by Yoko Kawabata

“Utogi” is located in Utogi. The “relaxing set meal” made by local women using locally produced ingredients is the most popular! There are plenty of souvenir gourmet dishes such as wasabizuke, Kinzanji miso, and wormwood kintsuba. If you want to enjoy the taste of wasabi to the fullest, we recommend the “Sabimeshi Set Meal” (1,400 yen plus tax). Plenty of freshly grated wasabi and dried bonito flakes on hot rice! Sprinkle with soy sauce and chew firmly and boldly. The flavor of wasabi that comes out of the tongue and nose is irresistible.
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3. Freshness is the life! Freshly picked “raw shirasu”

Up of bowl with raw shirasu

Photo by Donburi House

Shizuoka Prefecture, a treasure trove of seafood. Raw shirasu is a must-try among the delicious seafood. You can enjoy the freshly picked texture because Shizuoka is close to the fishing grounds and the fishing port! “Raw” rather than frozen can only be eaten from April to November when fishing takes place. The aim is the shops around Yui Port and Yosou Port where Shirasu is landed.

Recommended store “Donburi House”

Up of two-color bowl of raw shirasu and tuna

Photo by Yoko Kawabata

The prefabricated hut in the parking lot of Donburi Port is “Donburi House”. As it is a restaurant directly managed by the fishery cooperative, we are very satisfied with the freshness, taste and price! You can enjoy a bowl full of raw shirasu that was landed on that day (only on the day of fishing during the shirasu fishing season). We recommend the “Mochimune Don A” (market price), which is half and half of raw shirasu and pickled tuna. Since it’s a big deal, I would like you to taste Shizuoka tuna together! If you eat while being blown by the sea breeze of the harbor under the blue sky, the taste is exceptional.
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