10 Recommended Insulation Mug Cups!Carefully selected large-capacity type with lid

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Choose by material

It is recommended to choose stainless steel for the heat insulating mug. Stainless steel has excellent heat retention and can keep the temperature at the time of drinking for a long time. It also has high cold insulation, so it is useful all year round. Also, check the structure of the mug. If you choose a vacuum insulation structure with double bottoms and sides, heat will not easily escape and heat retention will increase.

Choose by capacity

We recommend a heat-retaining mug with a size of 300 to 350 ml, which is perfect for drinking tea, coffee, or tea. The large capacity type of 450 ml or more saves you the trouble of brewing many times. Choose according to the ease of drinking and the purpose.

Convenient with a lid that has high heat retention and safety!

There are many products with lids for heat insulation mugs. If it has a lid, it not only has the effect of increasing heat retention, but it is also recommended because it does not easily spill even if it is accidentally knocked down. Some lids are sealed and some are sliding, so choose the one that is easy to use.

Check the ease of washing!

Since it is used every day, ease of washing is also an important point. The heat insulating mug can basically be washed completely. For products with a lid, it is recommended to choose one whose parts can be easily removed. Only the lid may be compatible with the dishwasher, so if you normally use the dishwasher, check whether it is compatible.

5 selections of heat-retaining mugs with excellent heat-retaining properties

1. Thermos “Vacuum Insulated Mug”

THERMOS Vacuum Insulated Mug

Source: rakuten.co.jp

THERMOS Vacuum Insulated Mug

Source: amazon.co.jp

THERMOS Vacuum Insulated Mug

Source: amazon.co.jp

THERMOS Vacuum Insulated Mug
THERMOS Vacuum Insulated Mug
THERMOS Vacuum Insulated Mug


THERMOS Vacuum Insulated Mug

¥ 1,277 ~

Material: Body / Stainless steel
Size: 8 x 11 x 10 cm
Weight: 200g
Capacity: 350 ml
Color: Stainless, Black, White
Supplementary information: Only the lid is dishwasher compatible

View on Amazon

¥ 1,431

View on Rakuten

¥ 1,277

* As of November 4, 2020
Prices are as of the date shown and are subject to change. Please check Amazon.co.jp and rakuten.co.jp for accurate and up-to-date information when purchasing this product.

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