A hot spring that you can enter with your clothes on! “Travel Square Yu” opens at FANCL Ginza Square

Image image of the entrance of FANCL Square hot water with dark blue goodwill

Photo by FANCL Corporation

At FANCL’s flagship store, FANCL Ginza Square, “Travel Square Yu” will open from January 15th (Friday) to February 11th (Thursday), 2021. .. “Square-yu, a hot spring facility where you can enter while wearing clothes, and a limited menu where you can enjoy the feeling of a hot spring inn are on sale.

Air hot spring “Square-Yu” that you can enter while wearing clothes

“Square-Yu” will appear in “FANCL Sky Garden” on the 10th floor. It is an “air hot spring” where you can experience the gentle warmth as if you were in a hot spring while wearing clothes. A relaxing sheet made in the image of a public bath is placed in a space surrounded by aromas that make you feel like a hot spring. When you sit down, you can feel the warmth, and the steam rises. On the wall of the venue, a huge mural of Mt. Fuji, which is a symbol of Japanese baths, is displayed. In addition, the screen shows a magnificent view of various parts of Japan, making it look like an open-air breeze. You can enjoy the atmosphere of the hot springs throughout the venue.

There are also novelty gifts that can only be obtained here!

Towel with hot water mark

Photo by FANCL Corporation

A stamp rally is also held in the hall during the “Travel Square Hot Spring”. “SUU-HAKU” where you can take a breathing lesson and those who dine on the gourmet floor will receive a “Travel Square Yu Original Tenugui” as a gift.

A classic drink after taking a bath

There are 3 bottled drinks such as bath tub and coffee milk.

Photo by FANCL Corporation

Price: 300 yen each (tax included)
In the cafe space on the 8th floor, 3 kinds of drinks are sold in milk bottles, so you can enjoy the feeling of having a bath. The standard “Coffee Ole” after the bath uses original coffee, so you can only drink it at “FANCL Forest Cafe”. “Fruit ole” has a perfect balance of sweetness and acidity. With a refreshing taste, it is perfect for getting out of the bath. “Soymilk Aojiru” is a drink made by adding soymilk rich in isoflavones to FANCL’s Aojiru. Recommended for those who want to eat green and yellow vegetables firmly.

Enjoy the seafood of winter! A luxurious seafood menu where you can enjoy the feeling of a hot spring inn

9F / Creative Cuisine FANCL Reiwamoto Zen

Lunch “Ayana-Winter Seafood Bento-“

A black set with 9 small bowls is placed on the table

Photo by FANCL Corporation

Price: 3,500 yen (tax included)
A seafood bento that uses plenty of gorgeous ingredients such as sashimi, oysters, crabs, and how much, which are said to be phantom high-class fish. In addition, the lunch-only “hot spring soup” is rich in minerals and you can feel the hot springs. It is a bento that you can enjoy gorgeous seafood from noon.

Dinner “Winter limited seafood eating course”

There are many small bowls on the table, such as Osara-ya and hot pots.

Photo by FANCL Corporation

Price: 9,000 yen ~ (tax included)
A limited course where you can enjoy the taste of seasonal fish. You can only taste the “paper pot” that uses hot spring water here. It is a perfect gem for winter, with the taste of seafood.

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