A limited-time ice cream cake “Palette 4 Rich Time” is now available on Thirty One!A gem that is particular about its appearance

There are ice creams such as pink and blue

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At Thirty One Ice Cream, the ice cream cake “Palette 4 Rich Time” is sold in limited quantities at stores nationwide.

Palette 4 Rich Time

There is a chocolate ice cream cake

Photo by BR Thirty One Ice Cream Co., Ltd.

Price: 3,000 yen (tax included)
A luxurious ice cream cake with rich flavors that are particular about the appearance. Cranky Peanuts and Chocolate (Chocolate Sponge) has a peanut-like flavor with ribbons, rich chocolate and real peanuts. A taste that makes you addicted when you eat a bite. Pistachio scream (chocolate sponge) is a rich combination of pistachio and chocolate. Maple sweet potato (white sponge) is a moist and smooth sweet potato that turns into ice cream! The maple ribbon inside is an accent ♪ Pumpkin chocolate (chocolate sponge) is a delicious combination of pumpkin flavor with an elegant sweetness and rich chocolate. In addition, the chocolate topping enhances each flavor firmly.

For a little luxury at home ♪

An ice cream cake sold at Thirty One that can only be tasted now. You can enjoy 4 kinds of rich flavors suitable for autumn. How about a little luxury at home? “Palette 4 Rich Time” is limited in quantity, so if you are interested, please do so as soon as possible!

Product Summary

■ Product name: “Palette 4 Rich Time” ■ Price: 3,000 yen (tax included) * Prices vary depending on the store. ■ Size: No. 4 size / Diameter approx. 14 cm x Height approx. 5 cm ■ Sales period: Limited quantity (finished as soon as it runs out) ■ Sales location: Thirty One Ice Cream

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