A masterpiece of Cardi that everyone in the know knows!How to Eat Buttermilk Biscuits at Best

2 buttermilk biscuits lined up on the table

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At first glance, it may seem sober, but when you actually try it, you’ll be addicted to it! Introducing Kaldi’s “Buttermilk Biscuits”. It is a long-selling product that has been popular since its release, and it is a rare item that you may not find even if you try to buy it. In this article, in addition to the actual food review, we will also introduce the best way to eat deliciously, which is practiced by all buttermilk biscuits fans ♪

Powerful size! “Buttermilk biscuits”

Buttermilk biscuits in my hand

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216 yen (tax included)
Cardi’s original “Buttermilk Biscuits” are, as the name suggests, biscuits full of butter and milk flavors. Each one is individually wrapped, and when you take it with you, it is a heavy, normal temperature storage type baked confectionery. I heard that it was hard to find it, but I found it on the shelf next to the store’s cash register whether the timing was right this time! However, it doesn’t seem to be available in the online store, so if you find it in Cardi, you may want to reserve it for the time being.

There is a height of 5 cm!

Buttermilk biscuits taken out of the bag and placed on a cutting board

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The best feature of this biscuit is that it is very big. It’s about 6.5 cm square, and it’s 5 cm high. It looks like a large pie or scone rather than a biscuit, or a thick slice of bread …! Anyway, it’s very powerful. The solid fabric is impressive so that it will not be crushed immediately even if you press it a little.
Buttermilk biscuits cut in half, petty knives

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Ingredients include domestically produced wheat flour, fat spreads that are slightly less fat than margarine, sugar, butter, buttermilk powder, and chicken eggs. Each piece weighs 89g on average. And one calorie is 315kcal, which is also quite powerful. If you bite it like this, the jaw will come off, so slice it in half for the time being! First, let’s eat it as it is.

The butter flavor is irresistible …

Cross section of buttermilk biscuits

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When you take it out of the bag, it is already full of butter and milk aroma, but when you cut it, it has a more milky flavor. It’s harder to crumble than scones and pies, and it feels like a tightly packed bread. It’s softer and less dry than I thought it would be chewed, and the butter flavor and saltiness are irresistible. It has a moderate sweetness and is a bit like the taste of biscuits from a certain fried chicken chain store.

Transform into a rich taste!Recommended way to eat 3 steps

1. Rebake with a toaster

Buttermilk biscuits cut in half in a toaster

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Buttermilk biscuits that are delicious as they are. Let’s add a fan-recommended arrangement. The first step in the process is to rebake with a toaster. Since it is 5 cm high, cut it in half and heat it with the dough on the inside facing up. The baking time is only 1 to 2 minutes, and the surface becomes a little brown. If possible, it is recommended that the center is slightly warm.

2. Sandwich the butter

Where butter is sandwiched between buttermilk biscuits

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Next is the appearance of butter. Put the butter between the warm biscuits and wait for a while. Biscuits with plenty of butter and “chasing butter” are supposed to have a rich taste, aren’t they?

3. Sprinkle honey

Buttermilk biscuits topped with butter and honey

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When the butter melts and soaks into the biscuits, add honey. Sprinkle plenty on the inside and outside to make a rich buttermilk biscuit ♪

With a crispy texture and the best taste

Buttermilk biscuits with butter and honey

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It’s an arrangement that ignores calories, but when you actually eat it, it tastes better than you can imagine! The outside is crispy, and as soon as you chew, the rich flavor and sweetness of butter and honey overflows in your mouth. Even if the texture of the dough is tightly packed, it is easy to eat because it has a nice texture. And even with this, the richness of butter is irresistible. It’s sweet but salty, so even though it’s big, I’m full in no time. Even if you regret “how many calories …?” After eating, it’s too late ♪

Online store is not available.Purchase at the store

“Buttermilk biscuits” cannot be confirmed in the online store at this time. Let’s look for it at each store in Cardi. It is often placed next to the cash register or in the baked confectionery corner, so please check it out.

I can’t help but buy repeat

Buttermilk biscuits, butter knives, coffee, packaging, butter, jam, honey on the table

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Now that I know how to eat buttermilk biscuits the best, I can’t think of any other way to eat them. It is a repeat purchase decision. After all, the most recommended point is that you can feel satisfied like breakfast at a hotel. Please experience a rich arrangement by yourself or half with someone. Using maple syrup instead of honey has a different taste and is delicious ♪

Product information

■ Product name: Buttermilk biscuits ■ Price: 216 yen (tax included) ■ Country of origin: Japan ■ Contents: 89g (standard) ■ Calories: 315kcal (per 89g per piece)
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* This article is based on individual impressions, and there are individual differences in how they feel.

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