Apples are OK even when sugar is restricted!A registered dietitian explains calories and how to take

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The calories of apples (with skin) are per 100g56kcal.. The calories per medium-sized apple (268g edible portion) is150kcalis. Compare the calories of apples with the calories of other foods per 100g.・ Banana …… 93kcal ・ Wenshu oranges (early) …… 49kcal ・ Strawberries …… 31kcal ・ Kiwifruit (green) …… 51kcal ・ Rice …… 156kcal ・ Eggs …… 142kcal ・ Pork meat (with fat) …… 201kcal Compared to rice and eggs, fruits such as apples are low-calorie foods. Compared to fruits, apples have lower calories than bananas, but higher calories than strawberries and mandarins. (* 1, 2)

Do apples get fat? Sugar mass per piece

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The sugar mass of apples (with skin) is14.3g per 100gis. Compare the sugar mass per 100g with other foods.・ Banana …… 21.4g ・ Wenshu oranges (early) …… 11.2g ・ Strawberries …… 7.1g ・ Kiwifruit (green) …… 10.8g ・ Rice …… 35.6g ・ Eggs …… 0.4g ・ Pork meat ( (With fat) …… 0.2g The sugar content of apples is less than that of bananas and rice, which contain a lot of carbohydrates. Fruits such as apples are low in calories, but have a higher sugar content than pork and eggs. The sugars contained in fruits are glucose, fructose, and sucrose. Unlike glucose, fructose does not directly raise blood sugar levels. However, be careful not to overeat, as excessive fructose intake can lead to obesity. (* 1,3)

Be careful how you eat while limiting carbs!

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The sugar mass per 100g of apples is with the skin14.3gIn peeling14.1It is g. The difference is small, but if you want to reduce your sugar intake, it is recommended to peel the apples. However, keep in mind that peeling also reduces the content of vitamin C and dietary fiber. Comparing the sugar mass of raw apples and heated apples per 100g, the heated apples are about 5.1g more. This is because heating reduces the water content of apples and increases the proportion of sugar. One baked apple (about 187g) has a calorie of 265kcal and a sugar mass of 51.1g. By using butter and granulated sugar, calories and sugar mass increase.Also, if you want to reduce your carbohydrate intake, per day70-130gThe degree is a guide. You can take 20-40g per meal and 10g for snacks.The sugar content of one medium-sized apple (268g edible portion)38.3gthat’s why,When taking snacks, use 1/4 as a guide.let’s do it. When adding apples to your diet, refer to the sugar content of other foods and adjust the amount. (* 1,2,4,5)

Effects of nutrients contained in apples

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Have you ever experienced a brown color on the surface of an apple? This is a phenomenon caused by the oxidation of polyphenols contained in apples. Of the polyphenols contained in apples, “procyanidins” are also abundant in the pulp, but “anthocyanins” are abundant in the skin. To get polyphenols efficiently, it is recommended to eat apples with their skins. Procyanidins have the effect of suppressing fat absorption. It also promotes the expression of enzymes involved in adipocytes and suppresses the accumulation of visceral fat. From these effects, apple polyphenols are expected to be useful for dieting. (* 6,7)


100g of apples with skin contains 1.9g of dietary fiber. Among the dietary fibers contained in apples, “pectin” is characteristic. Pectin is easily soluble in water and is viscous. Since it moves slowly in the gastrointestinal tract, it makes you feel hungry and helps prevent overeating. In addition, pectin has the effect of increasing the number of good bacteria in the intestines. The increase in good bacteria such as bifidobacteria improves the intestinal environment. (* 1,7,8)

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