[Autumn 2021]In Stock Now for Montblanc!5 items that the sweets producer really chose

Sweets producer Mai Isozaki

Photo by Mai isozaki

Sweets Producer / Mai IsozakiAfter being in charge of manufacturing and public relations at a dairy manufacturer, he became independent in December 2017. As a writer, he is active in various fields such as writing articles on the web and magazines, cameramen, event directors, etc. to spread the appeal of sweets.She is transmitting the new charm of sweets from various perspectives

Carefully selected by enthusiasts!I want to eat this autumn Montblanc

Various Montblanc are lined up on the desk

Photo by macaroni

What I want to eat as autumn deepensMont Blanc.. The boom is accelerating, such as Montblanc, which has a best-by date of only 10 minutes to taste delicious, and the appearance of Montblanc specialty stores, and the number of products that can be ordered has increased. So, in this article, I would like to introduce five Montblanc items that are attracting attention this season, which were taught by Mai Isozaki, who is active as a sweets producer. We carefully select and deliver Mont Blanc that you want to eat this autumn, such as those supervised by the popular chef and gems that you can enjoy warmly!

1. Waguri Mont Blanc Specialty Store Kuririn “Tea Senbon (Hojicha)”

A state of opening the lid of a thousand teas (hojicha)

Photo by macaroni

“A featured product in collaboration with the tea specialty store” Myokoen “in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture. Myokoen’s roasted tea is kneaded into a mildly sweet Mont Blanc paste using Japanese chestnuts from Kumamoto Prefecture. , For a fragrant and soothing taste “
Cross section of tea thousand (hojicha)

Photo by macaroni

“The biggest feature isDaifuku laid on the bottom!! A dish with a new chewy texture and a thoroughly Japanese taste. When it is naturally thawed for about 6 hours, it becomes a cool ice cream, and when it is completely thawed, Daifuku’s fertilizer is soft and chewy ♪ The delicately unraveled Mont Blanc paste and smooth cream make you feel happy. Take the plunge and scoop it up with a spoon and eat it. “

2. Montblanc Glacé “Chestnuts and Seasonal Montblanc Glacé”

Three chestnuts and three seasonal Mont Blanc glasses lined up

Photo by macaroni

“It is a product designed by Chef Harumine Takei of Kanagawa’s” O Petit Matane “, which is one of the most popular Montblanc specialty stores, and its quality is not to mention. The Mont Blanc of our sister store “Mont Blanc Stand” has been devised so that it can be eaten at home, and it is available for order from July 4, 2021. Mont Blanc paste, merengue, You will receive the ice cream as a set.Style to finish by yourselfSo, you can enjoy the feeling of a pastry chef at home ♪ “
Chestnuts and seasonal Montblanc glasse kits lined up

Photo by macaroni

“The Montblanc paste is made from Japanese chestnuts in Yamaga City, Kumamoto Prefecture, which is a famous chestnut producing area. It has a rich flavor and aroma and is exceptional. The crispy texture of the meringue is kept properly and the texture is irresistible. The tastes other than the marron paste change depending on the season, and in September, the pumpkin and peanut paste is included in the set, so please compare and feel the autumn. “

3. Vegitale “Mont Blanc of aged Japanese chestnuts”

Aged Japanese chestnut Mont Blanc lid opened

Photo by macaroni

“Montblanc, which was very popular in 2020, will be on sale from September 9th in 2021.A cute can suitable for calling it a treasure chestIt is in, and I want to buy a package. When you open the lid with a feeling of excitement, you can see a magnificent view of the delicately connected marron paste! “
Cross section of aged Japanese chestnut Mont Blanc

Photo by macaroni

“On the base tart dough, there is plenty of marron paste using chestnuts from Ibaraki prefecture. Since no fragrance or Western liquor is used, you can feel the flavor and aroma of chestnuts straight. Gifts and souvenirs If you choose it, you can be assured that you will be praised for its good taste. After you finish eating, you can decorate the can as an accessory case or interior. “

4. Esprit de Paris “Ultimate Montblanc”

Two of the ultimate Montblanc side by side

Photo by macaroni

“Many Montblanc bases use sponges and meringues, but hereDough based on strained sweet chestnutsIs the foundation. On top of that, there is a chestnut bavarois using French marron paste, a marron cream using Japanese chestnut and Hokkaido cream, and a whole Kanro-ni with astringent skin from Kumamoto prefecture on the top! It’s a Mont Blanc that is irresistible for chestnut lovers, with chestnuts from top to bottom. “
The ultimate Montblanc cross section

Photo by macaroni

“Eating this makes me feel like autumn has come all at once, and I eat it every year at the beginning of autumn. To feel the rich chestnuts, please scoop up from top to bottom and eat.”

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