Butamen is back with “Yakisoba”! “Butamen Yakisoba Tonkotsu Flavor” with a nostalgic taste

Yakisoba and disposable chopsticks

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The popular candy pigmen is back with yakisoba! “Butamen Yakisoba Tonkotsu Flavor” will be on sale nationwide from September 27, 2021 (Monday).

“Butamen Yakisoba Tonkotsu Flavor” with a candy-like taste

Pork bone fried noodles Tonkotsu flavored red package

Photo by Acecook Co., Ltd.

Price: 210 yen (excluding tax)
Since its launch in 1993, the popular candy “Butamen”, which is loved by children and adults, is now on sale as yakisoba. For finishing, special “seasoning powder” and “flavor oil” developed under the supervision of Oyatsu Company are used. You can enjoy the delicious taste of “Butamen” with a nostalgic candy feeling ♪ We are particular about the ingredients, and the noodles are seasoned with moderate crispness and smoothness. The soup is a pork-based tonkotsu flavor with a hint of garlic and ginger. Kayaku is accented with savory sesame seeds.

A taste that can be enjoyed by children and adults

It is a fried noodle of pigmen that I have eaten once when I was a child. The nostalgic red package is eye-catching, so I’m going to buy it! I’m glad that the price is reasonable. If you have hot water, you can make it in 3 minutes, so it’s very easy! It’s perfect not only for lunch and midnight snacks, but also for snacks and small evening meals. If you are interested, please try it for yourself.

Product information

■ Product name: Butamen Yakisoba Tonkotsu flavor ■ Release date: Monday, September 27, 2021 ■ Sales area: Nationwide ■ Suggested retail price: 210 yen (excluding tax)

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