Even if it’s mainly vegetables, it’s really good! “Kijima-style” new sensation salad & stir-fried nameko[Kijima Ryuta’s Super Sanpo # 4]

Plenty of purchased ingredients

Photo by Ryo Takakura

October serialization project[Kijima Ryuta’s Super Sanpo]* See related articles. Continuing from the previous time, we will continue to introduce Kijima-san style improvisational dishes using ingredients procured at the Chisan Marche Kotakibashi store. This is the final episode of “Local Marche”! So, I asked Mr. Kijima to make two excellent recipes that can be used as the main recipe for the final episode.

The recipe will be taught …

Ryuta Kijima standing

Photo by Ryo Takakura

Ryuta Kijima / Cooker

With Akiko Murakami as her grandmother and Naomi Kijima as her mother, she has been involved in cooking since she was a child. She becomes independent as a cook himself, and she gains her popularity for her fun and easy-to-understand talk and original cooking. She is widely active in TV, WEB, magazines and event appearances.

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1 item: Fried egg and shredded Chinese cabbage okonomiyaki salad

Fried egg and shredded Chinese cabbage okonomiyaki salad

Photo by Ryo Takakura

“This time, I thought about a slightly different recipe for the sauce. It’s an” okonomiyaki-style “salad that uses plenty of Chinese cabbage that has grown well even before the season comes! A simple recipe that puts the okonomiyaki of the fertilized egg that caught your eye and sprinkles the Nakano and mayonnaise of “Takahashi Sauce” found in the seasoning corner. So, it’s a new type of salad that has a good taste! “

Material (1 to 2 servings)

Ingredients for okonomiyaki salad

Photo by Ryo Takakura

・ Egg …… 1 ・ Pork rose meat (slice) …… 50g ・ Chinese cabbage …… 200g ・ Salt …… Slightly ・ Red ginger …… 1 tablespoon ・ Nakano sauce (Takahashi sauce) …… Appropriate amount ・ Mayonnaise …… Appropriate amount

How to make

1. Cut Chinese cabbage into julienne and soak in water to drain.

Cut Chinese cabbage

Photo by Ryo Takakura

Cut Chinese cabbage perpendicular to the fiber. I want to make it look like a salad with a light texture, so let’s cut it with the image of shredding.
Wash Chinese cabbage

Photo by Ryo Takakura

Rinse quickly and drain. Soil and small insects may adhere to it, so it is better to wash the leaves a little before using them!

2. Cut the pork into 5mm wide pieces, put them in a frying pan, sprinkle with salt and fry them quickly.

Cut the pork

Photo by Ryo Takakura

Cut the pork belly into small pieces. This feeling of size is a casual but important point!
Cut the pork into small pieces and fry

Photo by Ryo Takakura

At this point, the pork can be fried quickly. After that, add eggs and cook to make it crispy.

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