Excellent compatibility with apples and milk ice cream! “Delicious fruit apple” is a multi-type ice cream that enjoys the ingredients[365 days ice cream girls]

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“Keep eating ice cream 365 days a year”, a non-stop review project where ice cream girls china updates new ice cream every day! Anyway, I love ice cream. I will introduce all the charms and regrettable points that I can understand because I eat ice cream every day! Even if you are worried about the ice cream every time, you may be able to meet your favorite ice cream by reading this …?

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365 days ice girl: chinaAn active female graduate student writer who continues to eat convenience store ice cream every day. On holidays, I work around cafes, and if there are sweets I’m interested in, I’ll fly anywhere! Her favorite ice cream is “PARM Royal Milk Tea”.

Ohayo “Delicious fruit apples”

Ohayo's delicious fruit apple package

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Price: 378 yen (tax included) / Sales area: Convenience stores, supermarkets, etc. nationwide
The ice cream introduced this time is Ohayo Dairy Products’ “Delicious Fruit Apple” released on September 1, 2021 (Wednesday). Introducing multi-type ice cream from Ohayo Dairy Products! “Apple”, which is about to enter the season, is the main flavor. I was also curious, so I got it right away.

Introducing a new flavor from delicious fruits!

Ohayo's delicious fruit apple package from above

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“Delicious fruit” is a multi-type ice cream with an ice bar that combines fruit and milk. Fruits such as “strawberry” and “blueberry” have appeared in the past. This new work is made from apple sauce made from apples, which is perfect for autumn and winter, and milk ice cream, which is made into a marble shape using Ohayo Dairy Products’ original manufacturing method. You can see that we are particular about the materials and manufacturing methods.

A refreshing ice bar with juicy apples

After opening the delicious fruit apples of Ohayo

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When I opened it, a beautiful marble-shaped ice bar appeared. The size that you can eat is nice for remote work and dessert after meals. Then, one bite … At the same time as you can enjoy the crispy texture, the flavor of refreshing apples has spread! You can also enjoy the juiciness that makes the juice overflow. You can enjoy plenty of sweetness like an apple with honey, and also feel a slight acidity and a refreshing aftertaste. It is also a point that you can fully enjoy the original flavor of apples.

Exquisite lips with milk

Ohayo's delicious fruit apple cross section

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When it comes to milk ice cream, it has a solid body, but it has a good balance with the flavor of apples. The juicy taste of apple sauce and the smooth and smooth texture of milk ice cream are exquisite. You can see that we are particular about milk ice cream as well as apple sauce. It’s refreshing overall, so it’s gone soon. I’m going to eat two bottles at a time!

Ice girl scoring! 80 points

When I scored from an ice girl’s point of view …, the result was 80 points! I was surprised to enjoy the sweetness and sourness of apples and the juicy juice that spreads in a small size! The refreshing taste of milk ice cream is well-balanced with the flavor of apples, and it was an ice cream that you can enjoy the ingredients. There are 7 of them, but they are likely to disappear soon … If you are interested, please pick it up.

Product information

Delicious fruit apples ■ Contents: 40ml x 7 ■ Calories: 62kcal (per bottle) ■ Release date: September 1, 2021 (Wednesday) ■ Suggested retail price: 378 yen (tax included) ■ Sales location: Convenience stores nationwide , Super and others
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* This article is based on individual impressions, and there are individual differences in how they feel.

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