First in Japan!Delivery of popular yakiniku-like product “Fake Meat Yakiniku” has started.

Fake meat BBQ poster with a photo of soy BBQ lunch

Photo by Dining Innovation Ltd.

Fake meat yakiniku using soybeans sold by Yakiniku-like can be delivered! From Friday, January 15, 2021, delivery sales have started at Uber Eats, Delivery Hall, menu, and wolt.

From last year’s release to a popular product!

At Yakiniku-like, starting with the Shibuya Udagawacho store in October 2020, we will sell the “NEXT Calvi” and “NEXT Harami” meat substitutes for yakiniku. We have received more feedback than expected and have been rolling out at all stores since December. It is a popular product that has gained the support of many people, including vegans and health conscious people. It seems that those who usually use it will sell it by delivery, thinking “If there are more choices at the store or at home”. You can also add it to a regular yakiniku bento with toppings and enjoy a comparison of fake and real food. Delivery can be ordered at Uber Eats, Delivery Hall, menu, wolt.

Soy grilled meat lunch

Yakiniku bento in a take-out box is placed on the table

Photo by Dining Innovation Ltd.

Price: 1,080 yen (tax included)
A simple soy yakiniku lunch box with plenty of soy yakiniku.* Salad is not included.

Soy grilled meat salad (NEXT ribs & NEXT skirt steak)

A roasted meat lunch with lettuce is placed on the table around the takeout box.

Photo by Dining Innovation Ltd.

Price: 1,290 yen (tax included)
A luxurious bento box with salad, NEXT ribs and NEXT skirt steak. In addition, soy roasted meat salad (NEXT kalbi) 950 yen, soy roasted meat salad (NEXT skirt steak) 950 yen, topping soy roasted meat kalbi 50g 410 yen (salad not included) are also on sale.

Since it doesn’t use meat, vegans can eat it with confidence!

It is a yakiniku bento that can be safely eaten by vegans and those on a diet. Perfect for those who want to eat yakiniku but have eaten too much recently! How about for lunch or dinner on your day off?

Product Summary

■ Product name: “Soy roasted meat lunch”, “Soy roasted meat salad” ■ Release date: January 15, 2021 (Friday) ■ Sales method: Delivery (Uber Eats, delivery hall, menu, wolt) ■ Store:[Tokyo Miyako]Akasaka Mitsuke store, Tamachi Shibaura store, Shibuya Udagawacho store, Shinjuku west exit store, Shinjuku south exit store, Gotanda west exit store, Ueno store, Jimbocho store, Ochanomizu store, Iidabashi store, Kichijoji south exit store, Higashi Kurume store, Tachikawa-dori store , Hachioji Narahara store /[Chiba prefecture]Matsudo Minami Hanashima store, Funabashi LaLaport Mae store /[Kanagawa prefecture]Ebina Sagamino store, Yokohama Eda store, Hiratsuka Shinomiya store, Sagamihara Wakamatsu store /[Saitama prefecture]Omiya east exit store /[Gunma prefecture]]Maebashi Amakawa store /[Osaka prefecture]Sakai Higashi store /[Kyoto prefecture]Kyoto Kawaramachi 蛸 Yakushi store /[Hyogo prefecture]Amagasaki store /[Niigata prefecture]Niigata station square store

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