Full of meat flavor! Recipes and birth secrets heard from the doll town “Tamahide”, the birthplace of Oyakodon | Beloved gourman’s hometown # 2

Three parent and child bowls are lined up

Photo by Miyu Shimada

A familiar oyakodon made by binding chicken with eggs and putting it on rice. Of the many bowl dishes such as Unadon and Katsudon, it is actually the only dish whose roots are clearly known. We asked the birthplace “Tamahide” to tell us how the Oyakodon was born, the history and charm of its birth. In the second half of the article, I will introduce tips that can be reproduced at home.
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Ningyocho “Tamahide”, the birthplace of Oyakodon

Appearance that feels the history of

Photo by Miyu Shimada

“Tamahide”, the birthplace of Oyakodon, is located in Ningyocho, Tokyo. In 1760 (Edo period, Horeki 10th year), a Shamo chicken restaurant was established by Mr. Tetsuemon Yamada, the first owner of the restaurant who served as a master of Takajo in the shogunate. It’s the beginning. For more than 260 years since then, it is a well-known restaurant that has maintained its tradition and taste as a specialty restaurant for bird dishes. * Takumi Mitaka: The person in charge of dedicating a kitchen knife ceremony at the end of a falconry event
Inside the

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There are many seats on the 1st and 2nd floors, but there are lines every day at lunch time.

The prototype of Oyakodon was born in the Meiji era. However, it seems that it was in the 1950s that he was convinced that it originated.
1652301013 362 Full of meat flavor Recipes and birth secrets heard from

Photo by Miyu Shimada

“I heard that Oyakodon originated from Tamahide, but it turned out to be true because I was asked to look it up in a program about the roots of NHK bowls,” said the eighth generation of “Tamahide.” The owner, Konosuke Yamada.

In the prototype of “Oyakodon”, rice and eggs were separated !?

Mr. Yamada (hereinafter referred to as Yamada):Oyakodon, which is generally imagined, is a dish in which chicken is boiled and bound with eggs and then put on rice. However, “Oyakodon”, which was the prototype of Oyakodon, was served with rice and ingredients separately.
A model of Oyakodon and a photo of Toku Yamada, the fifth wife

Photo by Miyu Shimada

Mr. Toku Yamada, the fifth wife woman who is the ancestor of Oyakodon

The beginning of Oyakodon was that a customer ate “Oyakodon”, which is a chicken sukiyaki sukiyaki with meat and warishita bound with eggs, with rice. In the 24th year of the Meiji era, the fifth generation wife, Toku, who was inspired by this, said, “To make it easier to eat,” the dish made with oyakodon on rice became the modern oyakodon.

The reason why Oyakodon became loved and gourmet

How to lift the oyakodon with a spoon

Photo by Miyu Shimada

Yamada:Many of the dishes that are popular nationwide do not know the true origin. This is because the name of the dish may not have been used even at the beginning of the dish, or the name of the dish may have originated from the name of the dish that is now widespread even if it is a latecomer. It was around 1975 that we started using the name “Oyakodon” in our shop, and until then we used to say “Oyakodon”. Since then, our original Oyakodon (menu name “Japan”) has become established in the world as a standard Oyakodon image. Therefore, it has become widely known as the birthplace.
Oyakodon served in a bowl

Photo by Miyu Shimada

In my opinion, the roots of the bowl are probably in the soba restaurant. Donburi is a tableware originally used for soba noodles and udon noodles. I think that somehow I put rice in there to maintain the warmth of the freshly made rice or make it easier to warm up. Furthermore, I think that the bowl menu, which was designed so that it would not get colder by binding with eggs, was popular because it was easy and delicious.

This is how to make the head family, Oyakodon!

Warishita pot

Photo by Miyu Shimada

Yamada:First, put the warishita in a pot and let it boil. By the way, “Tamahide” offers completely different oyakodon for day and night menus. The meat used, the warishita, the cooking utensils, and the method of making are all changed.
Hot pot with warishita and chicken

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Add the chicken that has been seasoned and prepared in advance, and let it boil for a while.
Put eggs and chicken in a pan and simmer

Photo by Miyu Shimada

With exquisite heat, not too strong and not too weak, add about three-quarters of the beaten egg for two eggs and boil. When the eggs on the edge of the pot have hardened, put the remaining eggs in the middle and cook until they are half-ripened.
Fluffy oyakodon

Photo by Miyu Shimada

If you put it on the rice softly, the fluffy oyakodon is completed.

Enjoy the Oyakodon from the birthplace “Tamahide”!


Photo by Miyu Shimada

2,300 yen (tax included)

* Dinner price

This is,“Japan” which became the base of “Oyakodon” which is loved by many people now.. Eggs soaked in warishita have a soft and gentle sweetness. The only ingredients are warishita, eggs, and chicken thighs and chicken meat, but the moist and tender meat is also seasoned, so it has a very delicious taste.

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