Giant corn “adult almond chocolate” has already been renewed! The fragrance is irresistible[365 days ice cream girls]

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“Keep eating ice cream 365 days a year”, a non-stop review project where ice girls china updates new ice cream every day! Anyway, I love ice cream. I will introduce all the charms and regrettable points that I can understand because I eat ice cream every day! Even if you are worried about the ice cream every time, you may be able to meet your favorite ice cream by reading this …?

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365 days ice girl: chinaAn active female graduate student writer who continues to eat convenience store ice cream every day. On holidays, I work around cafes, and if there are sweets I’m interested in, I’ll fly anywhere! Her favorite ice cream is “PARM Royal Milk Tea”.

Glico “Giant Cone Adult Almond Chocolat”

Giant corn adult almond chocolate package

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Price: 257 yen (tax included) / Sales area: Convenience stores, supermarkets, etc. nationwide
The ice cream introduced this time is Glico’s “Giant Cone Adult Almond Chocolat” released on September 20, 2021 (Monday). The giant corn “Adult Almond Chocolat”, which was just released in March of this year, has been renewed as soon as possible. I was wondering how it changed after the renewal, so I got it right away.

Adult almond chocolate has already been renewed and appeared!

Giant corn Adult almond chocolate from the front

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A new adult series of giant corn featuring large almonds and chocolate. The cocoa waffle cone is topped with chocolate ice cream and 72% cacao chocolate and large candy coat almonds. Not to mention the largest amount of large almonds in the past, the big difference from the last time is that the chocolate ice cream contains raw chocolate. The one released in March had almond sauce in a marble shape in chocolate ice cream. This time, instead of almond sauce, it’s raw chocolate, so it seems that you can enjoy plenty of richer chocolate.

Giant corn with bitter chocolate and mature fragrance

After opening the giant corn adult almond chocolate

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When you open it, you can see that it is topped with large almonds and bitter chocolate. Crisp, crispy, crunchy from the first glance! The texture is so enjoyable that it makes a nice sound. Although 72% cacao chocolate is bitter, it is rich in cacao flavor and thick, so it is very satisfying to eat. Almonds are also fragrant and accentuated.

Rich raw chocolate that overflows

Giant corn cross section of adult almond chocolate

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From the chocolate ice cream that you can enjoy chocolate firmly, raw chocolate overflowed! I didn’t expect it to be here, so I was pretty surprised at this. The smooth texture and rich flavor of raw chocolate spreads throughout your mouth. The crunchy waffle corn has a nice texture and is a giant corn with outstanding satisfaction.

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