How many calories are there in persimmon?Commentary by a registered dietitian

1 persimmon
Persimmon calories per 100g60kcal for raw (sweet persimmon), 276kcal for dried persimmonis. Dried persimmons are high in calories because they are dried and have no water.

Looking at the calories of other familiar fruits,
・ Banana …… 86kcal
・ Grape …… 59kcal
・ Apple (peeled) …… 57kcal
・ Kiwi (green meat) …… 53kcal
・ Satsuma mandarin …… 46kcal
It has become. (All per 100g)

Comparing raw persimmons with other fruits … they have lower calories than bananas, as much as grapes, apples and kiwis, and higher calories than mandarins.

What happens to calories for one persimmon?

The size of the persimmon depends on the variety.

The most common variety is “Fuyu persimmon”, which is characterized by its slightly rounded shape.The size of each piece is 230g-280g, and the calories are

The next most popular variety is “Hiratanenashi”. It is a variety of persimmons that are sold as seedless persimmons and are square and square. The size of each piece is 200g-250g, which is a little smaller than Fuyu persimmon ♪ The calories are 126kcal-158kcal, which is a little lower.

In addition, each dried persimmon weighs 30g to 50g and has a calorie of 83kcal to 138kcal.

What is the sugar mass of persimmon?

Persimmon on a bamboo basket
Looking at the sugar mass of persimmon, per 100gRaw sweet persimmon is 14.3g, dried persimmon is 57.3gis. Looking at the sugar mass of other fruits, banana is 21.4g, grape is 15.2g, apple is 14.1g, kiwi is 11g, and mandarin is 11g per 100g.

The sugar content of raw persimmons is lower than that of bananas and grapes, and higher than that of apples, kiwis and mandarins. In addition, the amount of sugar in dried persimmons is high because the dried persimmons are dried and the water is removed.

How many persimmons can I eat in a day?

According to the Japanese Food Guide Spinning Top, which the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare and the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries showed “what and how much should I eat in a day?”Not limited to persimmons, the standard amount of fruits per day is 200gIt has been with.The weight of persimmons is 230g-280g for Fuyu persimmons and 200g-250g for seedless persimmons.1 per dayI think it’s good to remember ♪

However, this standard amount is just a standard amount for the whole fruit. Therefore, if you eat other fruits, you need to be careful not to overeat. also,Dried persimmons are high in calories and sugar due to the lack of water, so use up to 2 small ones a day as a guide.Let’s.

What are the nutrients and functions contained in persimmon?

Persimmon on a black plate

1. Vitamin C

Sweet persimmon contains 70mg of vitamin C per 100g. The required amount of vitamin C is 100 mg per day for both men and women over the age of 18, so100g of persimmon (about half) can get 70% of vitamin C required per dayIt will be!

Vitamin C has a function to help make collagen and a function to prevent the generation of active oxygen, and can be expected to have a beautiful skin and anti-aging effect ♪ It also has a function to strengthen stress tolerance.

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