“Luxury Rumando” using fermented butter is now available!Large size and rich taste

Rumando package

Photo by Bourbon Corporation

In Bourbon, “Luxury Le Mand” with enhanced texture, flavor and taste of Le Mand will be on sale nationwide from September 28, 2021 (Tuesday).

Plenty of fermented butter! “Luxury Rumando”

Luxury rumando package

Photo by Bourbon Corporation

Price: 238 yen (tax included)
The crepe dough is kneaded with plenty of fermented butter. It is carefully folded in multiple layers and is one size larger than the conventional “Rumando”! The rich flavor of milk cocoa cream gently wraps the crispy crepe dough. The moment you chew, the pleasant texture of the crepe dough, the flavor of butter, and the elegant sweetness of the rich cocoa cream of milk spread throughout your mouth. A luxurious sweet for adults with a hint of Western liquor as an aftertaste.

To accompany you when you want to take a break

Kneaded with fermented butter, it is a luxurious rumando that is one size larger than usual. Recommended for tea time and sake. You can enjoy the size and taste even if you compare it with normal Rumando ♪ How about a little luxury when you want to take a break?

Product Summary

■ Product name “Luxury Le Mand” ■ Contents: 9 ■ Price: 238 yen (tax included) ■ Release date: Tuesday, September 28, 2021 ■ Sales location (planned): Convenience stores, mass retailers, and drugs nationwide Stores, retail stores, shops, etc.

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