Make everyone smile with fair trade! Vanilla Beans “Shocola” Real Food Review[Ethical Snack # 1]

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Ethical Planner / Keiko NakagawaraAn expert in “telling ethical and sustainable living life-size”. “I’m not a model or a celebrity, I’m a mom of one man and one woman”, by sending out “ethical sustainable” that is thought to belong to a person with a little high consciousness, it’s easy and familiar.・ I am good at planning so that I can take action together. He mainly plans and operates the sustainable life guide media “ELEMINIST” as a director of the ethical cafe, and coordinates the planning and production of organic cotton products for ethical events.

This is recommended!Vanilla Beans chocolate confectionery

Vanilla Beans Chocolate Set Package

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Shocola & Paris Toro 8 pieces 3,024 yen (tax included)
Mr. Nakagawara’s recommended “ethical snack” is VANILLA BEANS chocolate confectionery. First of all, I was told what kind of products are being worked on. “The current situation is that the cacao plantations in West Africa, which grow 70% of the cacao that is the raw material for chocolate, are by no means rich.Vanilla Beans, a chocolate specialty store, took the action of switching the chocolate that is the raw material to fair trade After that, we continued to implement a three-year vocational training program for young mothers who work at low wages, and support them so that they can earn a living by growing cacao fairly. We continue to support and make delicious chocolates. “
Vanilla Beans Information Card

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Such vanilla beans efforts are truly “ethical” actions that consider the environment, people, society, and the earth! I would like to order the chocolate confectionery “Shocola” recommended by Mr. Nakagawara and tell you what it tastes like. I also tried the “Paritoro” that was included in the set ♪

Rich chocolate sandwich cookie “Shocola”

Shocola Mild Cacao, Rich Milk Package

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“Shocola, the signature product of Vanilla Beans, which has won many prizes in the Rakuten ranking. I think many people have seen it once! Since the introduction of Fair Trade Chocolate in 2007, Chocolate confectionery that we continue to make with the desire to support the cacao plantation. Even in online shopping, which is now indispensable to our daily lives, it makes us realize that if we change our perspective a little, we can come across products that continue to make various efforts. It’s a nice product! “
Shocola Mild Cacao, Rich Milk Package

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Mr. Nakagawara’s recommended “Shocola” is a chocolate sandwich cookie that is made by coating rich raw chocolate with chocolate with a crispy texture and sandwiching it with cookies with a crispy texture. It is a self-confident work of vanilla beans created by a skilled chocolatier through trial and error. It is a square with a size of about 45 x 45 mm and a thickness of about 1 cm. There are 4 flavors on sale in all, but this time I would like to taste “mild cacao” and “rich milk” ♪

Adult taste ♪ Shocola Mild Cacao

Mild cacao divided in half, package

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Mild cacao is a bitter taste that uses 55% cacao. Since it contains a little Western liquor, it has a mature taste with a mellow aroma. The cookie part is crispy anyway! On the other hand, the chocolate inside is moist and rich. The chocolate is thick, so I like the fact that you can fully enjoy the taste of high-quality ganache. And I’m very surprised that the chocolate has a nice texture. It goes great with coffee ♪

Gentle sweetness!Shocola Rich Milk

Rich milk split in half, package

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Rich milk has a mild taste with a gentle sweetness. It is a popular flavor that has gained overwhelming support from women. The smooth ganache has a generous amount but a very light taste. Even if you don’t have coffee or tea, you can eat it in no time. If this is the case, you can enjoy it widely regardless of age or gender! It’s no wonder that many people say, “Speaking of show Photoshop, this is it.”

This is also recommended! Petit chocolate cake “Paritoro”

Paristro suite cut in half, package

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Paritro is a popular product following Shocola. A chocolate cake made by layering a rich classic chocolate with a low-sweetness ganache and wrapping two layers in a 1 mm thin couverture. Although it is a very cute mini size that is almost the same size as Shocola, the taste is authentic! It is a royal road taste that uses 55% cacao chocolate and is flavored with Western liquor. A luxurious snack that you can enjoy a three-layered “crispy, thick, moist” texture. This is irresistible for chocolate lovers!
Vanilla Beans Shocola & Paris Toro (8 pieces)


Vanilla Beans Shocola & Paris Toro (8 pieces)


Vanilla Beans Shocola & Paris Toro (8 pieces)

¥ 3,024

Contents: 2 Shocola Mild Cacao, 2 Shocola Rich Milk, 4 Paris Toro Sweet

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¥ 3,024

* As of September 10, 2021
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