Meat Meister Directly! “Chicken balls and this cream boiled”[Plenty of autumn vegetables! Ultimate Meat Recipe # 4]

Meat Meister Directly Chicken balls and this cream boiledPlenty of

Photo by Nobuyoshi Miyamoto

The season for new rice has arrived! At this time of year, many people want to increase their side dish repertoire so that they can fully enjoy the shiny white rice. In “Takumi no Uchi Recipe”October special theme “I found a delicious autumn”To matchMeat dishes that new rice goes onI’d like to introduce_______ Chef Toru Wachi of the French bistro “Mardi Gras” will teach you the recipe, which is a cooking method that suits the characteristics of each meat and attracts many meat lovers.
Chef Toru Wachi smiling in the kitchen

Photo by Nobuyoshi Miyamoto

“Mardi Gras” Owner Chef / Toru Wachi

Born in 1967, from Awaji Island, Hyogo Prefecture. After graduating from high school, he entered Tsuji Cookery College. The following year he studied at a French school for half a year and then trained at a one-star restaurant in Burgundy for half a year. In 1987 he joined “Restaurant Hiramatsu”. He opened “Mardi Gras” in Ginza in 2001 and is known as a sacred place for meat lovers.In addition to publishing recipe books, he has appeared in many media

Autumn of fruit, and autumn of appetite. At this time of year, you often feel the joy of eating. The last item that Mr. Wachi will teach you is“Chicken balls and this cream boiled” handmade from white sauceis. “Commercially available white sauce has a slightly strong taste, isn’t it?The handmade white sauce has a very milky and gentle tasteis.This time, we will combine Japanese-style soup stock made from natural ingredients to make mushrooms and autumn vegetables.Seasoning so that you can feel the taste of the ingredientsTo Mix the ingredients to be added to the minced chicken while tapping it with a kitchen knife on a cutting board. I suddenly came up with this, but it’s fun work.By using minced chicken, you don’t have to simmer so muchIt melts in your mouth and looks like well-cooked meat.Click here for the previous article ▼

Ingredients (for 2 people)

Ingredients such as minced chicken, onions, maitake, turnip, etc.

Photo by Nobuyoshi Miyamoto

The amount of material may differ from the actual amount

Cooking time: 35 minutes・ Ground chicken (peach) …… 250g ・ Egg …… 1 ・ Maitake …… 80g ・ Salt …… 2.5g ・ Kosho …… 1/4 teaspoon ・ Onion …… 1/2 ・ Turnip …… 90g ・Carrot …… 1 bottle ・ Eringi …… 100g ・ Chicken …… 1 piece ・ Milk …… 750cc ・ Strong flour …… 50g ・ Butter (salted) …… 50g ・ Japanese-style soup stock …… 150g ・ White miso …… 15g ・ Curry powder… … 1/4 teaspoon


・ Warm milk to 48-50 ℃ ・ Chop onions ・ Cut carrots into half-moons with a width of about 1cm ・ Turnips leave about 2cm leaves and cut in half ・ King trumpet mushrooms are cut into stems and caps Divide the stem into 2 to 3 equal parts with a kitchen knife, and cut the turnip in half by hand.

How to make

1. Heat the butter over medium heat and add the flour.

Putting strong flour in half-melted butter

Photo by Nobuyoshi Miyamoto

Put the butter in a pan and heat over medium heat.Where it melted about halfAdd the strong flour with.

2. Turn on the heat while mixing butter and strong flour.

Stir-fry butter and strong flour over medium heat

Photo by Nobuyoshi Miyamoto

Stir slowly with a whisk to blend the butter and strong flour. “When the butter and flour are familiar,A lump of yellowish powderWill be.Heat on medium heat to evaporate the air contained in the butterLet me. Be careful not to burn the bottom of the pot. “
It looks like bubbles are coming out vigorously

Photo by Nobuyoshi Miyamoto

The lump of powder spreads and becomes whitish so that it unravels., Bubbles and bubbles start to come out vigorously.with this timingOn low heatlet’s do it. When it is in this “various” state, it has a powdery scent,A fragrant scent that gradually burns cookiesBecome”
A source of white sauce with the flour fully cooked and smooth

Photo by Nobuyoshi Miyamoto

Moisture is completely removed and it is in a smooth statebecame. There is a white sauce base (ru)!

3. Add warm milk

Adding warm milk to human skin in a pot

Photo by Nobuyoshi Miyamoto

Add warm milk to the pan and add2Mix with.A small amount at the beginningAdd and mix lightly, thenDivided into 3-4 times, Add while mixing. The heat is medium heat. Even if you get a little fooled, it will become smoother as you continue to stir. “Estimated milk temperature is 48-50 ℃.. It is enough to warm it up a little.If the surface is covered with a film, it will be too warm.. The membrane is the sweetness component of milk, so be careful about temperature control. “
Adding milk to white sauce

Photo by Nobuyoshi Miyamoto

After adding the milk, add a pinch of salt (not included in the amount) and heat on medium heat until it boils. Continue mixing with a whisk so as not to burn the bottom part. “In the case of IH, it warms up from the center, butThe gas warms from the edge of the pot, so be careful not to burn the corners.Please mix. It is recommended to use a small whisk as it will reach every corner. “

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