Potato lovers also growl!Seijo Ishii saw the brand’s seriousness in “Homemade Beniharu’s Creamy Sweet Potato”

Two side-by-side Seijo Ishii sweet potatoes

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On Thursday, August 26, 2021, Seijo Ishii released “Seijo Ishii Homemade Beniharu’s Creamy Sweet Potato”. Seijo is a special sweet potato layered with a moist dough that is made from roasted sweet potatoes and a smooth texture that is carefully cooked with cream and butter. It was a gem that felt Ishii’s seriousness. In the latter half of the dough, we will introduce tips for eating even more deliciously.

Seijo Ishii “Homemade Beniharu’s Creamy Sweet Potato”

Seijo Ishii Homemade Beniharu Creamy Sweet Potato Package

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“Seijo Ishii Homemade Beniharu Creamy Sweet Potato” 539 yen (tax included)

Autumn is gradually deepening, and sweet potatoes are just the right amount of sweets. Among them, sweets potatoes are indispensable, aren’t they? Before I ate sweet potatoes, I used to think that sweet potatoes are the same everywhere, but it’s ridiculous! Seijo Ishii’s “Homemade Beniharu’s Creamy Sweet Potato” was a sweet potato sweet that was filled with the brand’s seriousness.
Seijo Ishii Homemade Beniharu's Creamy Sweet Potato Raw Material Labeling

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The biggest feature of creamy sweet potato is that it uses domestically produced Beniharu and has two layers of dough. Typical sweet potatoes are made by adding sugar, eggs, and butter to pasty sweet potatoes and baking them fragrantly. Even if the pattern is quite elaborate, just squeeze the sweet potato cream into a tart shape and bake it. At Seijo Ishii, it seems that potatoes are used to make a two-layered dough. The ingredients of interest are sweet potatoes, sugar, egg yolk, foods made mainly from milk, butter, kudzu powder, mirin, etc. It has a different atmosphere from other sweet potatoes in that it uses kudzu powder and mirin.
Red Haruka's creamy sweet potato package opened

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The first layer is a moist dough that is made by roasting sweet potatoes as they are and crushing them smoothly. The second layer is a dough with a smooth texture that is carefully cooked with butter and cream added. It seems that Seijo Ishii wants you to enjoy both the original taste of sweet potatoes and the creaminess of sweet potatoes at the same time. However, if the two layers are separated or the balance of hardness is different, the two-layer tailoring will be ruined. It seems that the prototype was repeated many times while looking at the balance of hardness and taste. It was 539 yen for 3 packs, and the calories per pack was 153 kcal.

Warm and smooth creamy ♪

Creamy sweet potato cut in half

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I cut it to see the two-layer structure, but I was so familiar that I couldn’t tell the difference between the fabrics unless I looked closely. The upper layer is the moist texture of roasted sweet potato, and the lower layer is the dough with a smooth texture. Even if I didn’t know what it looked like, I knew it as soon as I put in the fork. The roasted sweet potato part is solid, and the smooth part has a fork. If you leave it as it is, the sweetness of sweet potatoes and the scent of butter will be fluffy. I was worried if I could tell the difference between the two layers, but I did. The difference between the smooth texture of the dough and the sweet potato dough is obvious. Of course, both are sweet potatoes.
Creamy sweet potato on a fork

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There is no extra fragrance or sweetness, and the sweet potatoes are pushed to the front. It was the correct answer when I thoroughly tasted that there was such a difference only in texture. If only the smooth dough is used, it will be too heavy, and if the dough is used only for baking, the sweet potato feeling will be diminished, so Seijo Ishii’s strategy may be won. I was afraid.

Rebake to make it even more delicious!

Cutting lightly baked creamy sweet potatoes with a fork

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It’s delicious enough as it is, but I highly recommend rebaking when you eat it. Lightly heat in the microwave, then brown with a preheated toaster to complete. With just this much effort, you can taste the deliciousness as if it were freshly made.
Creamy sweet potato cut with a fork

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As you can see, cut it with a fork. Can you see that the stuff is sticky? By warming it, the original aroma of sweet potatoes and the flavor of butter stand out, making it even more delicious. According to Seijo Ishii’s official website, it is recommended to combine it with cold roasted green tea or iced straight tea. Please give it a try.

Worth eating, sweet potato

Creamy sweet potatoes on a plate

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The small size of 3 pieces is over 500 yen, which is a little expensive, but the sweet potatoes made from two layers of dough with different textures and flavors are worth eating. Please try and compare the taste as it is and the taste that has been rebaked.
* This article is based on personal impressions. Please note that there are individual differences in how you feel the taste.

Product information

■ Product name: Seijo Ishii Homemade Beniharu’s creamy sweet potato ■ Contents: 3 pieces ■ Price: 539 yen (tax included) ■ Calories: 153kcal per piece ■ Sales date: August 26, 2021 ■ Sales location: Nationwide Seijo Ishii stores* Depending on the store, it may not be available.

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