Sweet and sour habit!Lemon mini cupcake

Completed photo of lemon mini cupcake

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As the heat gets hotter, don’t you want to eat a snack with a refreshing sour lemon? Today, I would like to introduce a recipe for a cute-looking mini cupcake that uses such a lemon with its skin and makes it sweet and sour.

Lemon mini cupcake recipe

Material (12 mini muffin types)

☆ Butter …… 50g (margarine for cakes is acceptable) ☆ Shrimp sugar …… 50g (white sugar or sanon tou is also acceptable) ☆ Milk …… 50cc ☆ Egg (L size) …… 1 piece ☆ Lemon juice …… 1 tablespoon Cup ☆ Grated lemon zest …… 1 piece* Lemon is used together with the skin, so it is recommended that you do not use antifungal agents.・ Almond poodle …… 20g ・ Hot cake mix …… 100g[Topping]・ Powdered sugar …… 30g ・ Lemon juice …… 5g ・ Pistachio …… 2 or 3 pieces

How to make

1. Preparation

Grated lemon zest

Photo by aoooowii

・ Wash the lemon well, grate the skin, and chop it into small pieces for toppings. Also squeeze the juice.・ Melt the butter.・ Put a glassine cup in a muffin tin.・ Start preheating the oven at 170 degrees.

2. Mix the ingredients

Mixing ingredients in a bowl

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Put all the ingredients of ☆ in a bowl and mix well.

3. Add pancake mix and almond poodle

Add pancake mix and almond poodle

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Add the pancake mix and almond poodle and mix until no more powdery.

4. Put the dough in a mini muffin mold

Where to put the dough using a piping bag

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Put the dough evenly in the mini muffin mold. When putting the dough in the mold, it is recommended to use a piping bag!
Place the dough in a muffin tin

Photo by aoooowii

It’s easier and cleaner than putting them one by one with a spoon etc. ♪

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