The lips are too luxurious. “Refreshing chocolate in vanilla” is a rich flavor that is perfect for autumn and winter[365 days ice cream girls]

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“Keep eating ice cream 365 days a year”, a non-stop review project where ice cream girls china updates new ice cream every day! Anyway, I love ice cream. I will introduce all the charms and regrettable points that I can understand because I eat ice cream every day! Even if you are worried about the ice cream every time, you may be able to meet your favorite ice cream by reading this …?

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365 days ice girl: chinaAn active female graduate student writer who continues to eat convenience store ice cream every day. On holidays, I work around cafes, and if there are sweets I’m interested in, I’ll fly anywhere! Her favorite ice cream is “PARM Royal Milk Tea”.

Lotte “fresh chocolate in vanilla”

Lotte's fresh chocolate in vanilla package

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Suggested retail price: 151 yen (tax included)
The ice cream introduced this time is Lotte’s “fresh chocolate in vanilla” released on September 13, 2021 (Monday). Introducing new flavors from the Sou series. Vanilla ice cream with raw chocolate is the perfect flavor for the fall and winter. It seems to be a renewal version of “Refreshing Raw Chocolate in Vanilla”, which was newly released at Seven-Eleven in February 2020 in advance and in limited quantities, and revived for the first time in a year in February this year.

Refreshing with melting raw chocolate

Lotte's fresh chocolate in vanilla package from above

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“Pavé chocolate in vanilla” is available as a flavor limited to autumn and winter. It is finished by putting raw chocolate in vanilla ice cream containing fine ice cream unique to refreshing. It’s vanilla x chocolate, so it seems to be popular with all generations. It seems that the “fluffy texture like light snow” is new, and it is a real meal while paying attention to it!

The rich vanilla ice cream and the rich chocolate are exquisite.

After opening Lotte's fresh chocolate in vanilla

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When you open it, you can see that the vanilla ice cream contains chocolate in a marble shape. Then, the moment I scooped it with a spoon, a lot of raw chocolate came out from the inside! I didn’t expect it to contain this amount, so I’m kind of happy.

Refreshing with crisp fine ice ♪

Lotte's fresh chocolate in vanilla is scooped with a spoon

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Vanilla ice cream is rich and rich. Certainly, you can enjoy a soft and light texture. Raw chocolate has a bitter flavor and is excellent with vanilla ice cream. Both have a strong taste, but they can be eaten refreshingly because they contain fine ice.

Ice girl scoring! 76 points

When I scored from an ice girl’s point of view …, the result was 76 points! The fluffy texture melts the vanilla ice cream, and at the same time, the melted raw chocolate overlaps, so you can enjoy a luxurious taste. However, because it is rich, it seems that it is still early in September, which has hot days. It has a strong sweetness and is recommended for people with a sweet tooth. If you are interested, please check it out.

Product information

Fresh chocolate in vanilla ■ Contents: 185ml ■ Calories: 195kcal ■ Release date: September 13, 2021 (Monday) ■ Suggested retail price: 151 yen (tax included) ■ Sales location: Convenience stores, supermarkets, etc. nationwide
* This article is based on individual impressions, and there are individual differences in how they feel.

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