The natural sweetness is tight! Review the taste of organic mango & coconut chips[ethical snack # 3]

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Ethical Planner / Keiko NakagawaraAn expert in “telling ethical and sustainable living life-size”. “I’m not a model or a celebrity, I’m a mom of one man and one woman”, by sending out “ethical sustainable” that is thought to belong to a person with a little high consciousness, it’s easy and familiar.・ I am good at planning so that I can take action together. He mainly plans and operates the sustainable life guide media ELEMINIST as a director of the ethical cafe, and coordinates the planning and production of organic cotton products for ethical events.

This is recommended! BROWN SUGAR 1ST. “Organic Mango & Coconut Chips”

Organic Mango & Coconut Chips Package

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453 yen (tax included)
The ethical snack we are introducing this time is BROWN SUGAR 1ST. Organic mango and coconut chips. First of all, Mr. Nakagawara told me what kind of efforts the manufacturer is doing.Mr. Nakagawara “Based on whether or not you want your child to eatLooking at the motherSharing the blessings of nature and aiming to make everyone happyShare tradeProtecting children’s future food by seeking a background of community-friendly productionFood that leads to a prosperous futureWe are making products based on such promises. “
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Mr. Nakagawara “In addition, the word” organic “is organically connected and circulated, and it is operated with the main focus on what to leave for the future of children and what kind of batons to connect. By the way, the coconut oil that I use at my house happens to be a product of BROWN SUGAR ST. You liked the fresh flavor, which was reasonably priced compared to other brands, and had no harshness or habit. I am convinced that it was made in such an effort!

Only two ingredients!Enjoy the natural sweetness

Organic mango and coconut chips on a plate

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Organic Mango & Coconut Chips is a small bag of organic dry mango and organic coconut. What is surprising is that no other ingredients such as seasonings have been added. Mr. Nakagawara “The reason I recommend it is that it is a popular dried fruit for children’s snacks. And in the raw material column of the package, besides organic mango and coconut, common sugar, bleach, antioxidant, etc. I can’t find the description. It’s simple, so please try the natural sweetness that exudes when you chew it! “Then, I’d like to experience that simple taste right away ♪

Rich and chewy dry mango

Mango chips in my hand

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As soon as I opened it, it tasted like mango and coconut, and it was really tropical ♪ Organic dry mango was made in Thailand, and each one contained about 10g on average. When I bite it, it was already very rich. It is chewy, and as you chew, it spreads in your mouth with just the right amount of acidity, strong sweetness, and umami. If it was dry and weighed this much, it would have been huge when it was raw! It is a very powerful dry mango.
Coconut chips on the palm of your hand

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The coconut that comes with it has a crispy texture. At first, you don’t feel much taste, but as you chew, the slight sweetness and umami spreads. The flavor is refreshing and has no peculiarity, and when eaten with dry mango, the tropical feeling is further improved! You can enjoy the taste of the ingredients themselves because no seasonings such as sugar are added. Besides eating it as it is, it looks delicious even if you try topping it with yogurt or ice cream ♪

Purchase at supermarkets and online shops

BROWN SUGAR 1ST. Organic Mango & Coconut Chips can be purchased at convenience stores and supermarkets such as Natural Lawson Biosebon Ion. It can also be purchased at the official Organic First online shop. There are other sweets and coconut oil, so please try them.

Also pay attention to the package design!

Organic mango & coconut chips on a plate, package

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BROWN SUGAR 1ST., Also known as the pioneer of coconut oil in Japan. Not only the corporate philosophy and material selection, but also the package design is paying attention! A label that is natural, cute, and seems to be a little fun. And it’s palm-sized and easy to carry. No matter which one you take, it’s a waste to just make it a snack for your child! Please enjoy it as an adult snack ♪
* The information on the listed products is as of the time of publication. Please note that some stores may not be available or may be discontinued. * This article is based on individual impressions, and there are individual differences in how they feel.
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