There are two tips for identifying delicious grapes!Ask a long-established fruit specialty store, how to choose and store correctly

Two types of grapes

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Grape that reaches the season at the beginning of autumn from September to October. In this season, you can see it in supermarkets, and you should have more chances to buy it. Even in season, the price of a bunch is not so cheap, so it’s a serious game when choosing. The fourth theme of this series, which provides information on how to identify seasonal fruits, is grapes. We asked Naoko Kubo, a public relations officer and fruit coordinator of Shinjuku Takano, a long-established fruit specialty store with a history of 136 years, about the points to identify delicious grapes.

1. The axis is blue and solid

Grape axis

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–This time, I would like to know how to choose delicious grapes! Immediately, what is the point to identify fresh and delicious foods?Naoko Kubo (hereinafter referred to as Kubo)For grapes, first look closely at the axis. As shown in the photo, the bluer the axis, the higher the freshness. It depends on the variety, so I can’t say it unconditionally, but the ones that have turned brown have been harvested for some time. As for the shape, it should be as thick and solid as possible like apples and pears.

2. The bloom of the pericarp is not removed

Grape bloom

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With bloom
-I see, the shaft is blue and solid. Are there any points that should be noted in the real part?KuboIf you look at the surface of the grapes, you will see something like white powder.this isBloom (fruit powder)It is a natural substance that is naturally secreted from fruits. Bloom prevents the evaporation of water from fruits and protects them from illness. You can judge the freshness if the fruit powder is evenly attached.
Grape with bloom

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Bloom is taken
KuboAs time goes by, or when it is rubbed to remove the bloom, the grains will glow as shown in the photo. It is recommended to choose a bunch that is more whitish than a bunch with many shiny grains like this. By the way, the popular Shine Muscat is hard to see, but it actually has bloom. It may be difficult to judge, but please pay attention to it.

The top is sweeter !? How to eat deliciously

Lying grapes

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–There are two points to choose from, so you can easily remember them. Is there a way to eat the grapes I bought even more deliciously?KuboDo you know how to eat deliciously? The sweetness of grapes varies depending on the location.The shaft, that is, the upper part near the trunk when it was a tree, is sweet.The lower the fruit, the less sweet it is. Therefore, if you eat the upper and lower fruits alternately, you should be able to balance the sweetness. I want to leave the sweet part at the end! It may be better to eat from the bottom first.

It is NG to cool for a long time.How to save grapes

Shine Muscat

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–Are there any points on how to store grapes or how to keep them delicious for a long time?Kubo Basically, I would like you to eat grapes as soon as you purchase them without storing them.Some fruits can be eaten more deliciously by ripening and softening them like melons. In the case of grapes, it is ready to eat from the moment it is harvested. later,Don’t put it in the fridge for too longIt’s better. If it gets too cold, the sweetness and aroma of the grapes will disappear and you will not be able to taste it deliciously. It is better to cool it a few hours before eating.

The method of identifying grapes with many varieties is almost the same!

With the growing popularity of Shine Muscat over the last few years, grapes are becoming more and more popular among the autumn fruits. It seems that there is no big difference in the basic method of distinguishing red, green, and a wide variety of grapes, from small to large. If you remember the two points introduced in this article, it seems that you can choose grapes that are fresher than usual. Please make use of it for your future shopping. * The contents introduced in this article are not absolute because they may differ depending on the variety, season, weather, etc.
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