What are stomach-friendly foods?12 recommended recipes selected by registered dietitians

Udon served on a gray bowl

Fast digestion

Foods that take a relatively short time to digest, such as porridge, are stomach-friendly foods because they do not strain the stomach. We recommend porridge and udon for the staple food, and chicken fillet, white fish, and processed soybean products for the main dish. Use spinach, carrots, pumpkin, etc. as vegetables. In addition, fruits such as bananas and apples are easy to digest and can be used for desserts. (* 1, 2)

Foods low in fat

Be careful with foods that are high in fat, as they are difficult to digest. Lipids are hardly broken down in the stomach and are sent to the duodenum. Gastrointestinal hormones are secreted in the small intestine to absorb fat, which also suppresses gastric motility. Therefore, it may lead to stomach upset. If you have a bad stomach, try to choose one that is low in fat. For example, use white fish instead of greasy blue fish and chicken fillet instead of pork belly. (* 1,3)

Foods low in fiber

Although dietary fiber has a healthy function, it is not digested or absorbed by the body. Among them, water-soluble dietary fiber has the property of prolonging the time that food stays in the stomach. Foods rich in fiber are not stomach-friendly because they are indigestible. Dietary fiber is abundant in vegetables, but Chinese cabbage and spinach are relatively low in dietary fiber, so they are suitable for when the stomach is sick. (* 1,4)

Rich in protein and vitamins

To eat a stomach-friendly diet, it is important to be aware of nutritional balance. In particular, take a good amount of protein, which is involved in the repair of gastric mucosa and produces digestive enzymes. Protein is abundant in meat, fish and eggs. Please choose one with less fat. Foods rich in vitamins and minerals can also help balance nutrition. Try to eat vegetables and fruits that are easy to digest. (* 2,5)

List of stomach-friendly foods

Rice porridge in a brown bowl

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